What is bleed?



For borderless printing files must have a minimum of 3mm internal and external bleed. For comprehensive instructions on how to create correct bleed using our templates or you may use a professional designer.

We require 3mm of internal as well as external bleed on all files (5mm on all magazines/booklets, plastic loyalty cards and presentation folders). This means all text/important graphics must be kept a minimum of 3mm (5mm) from the trim edge of your artwork.

We require 3mm of external bleed on all files (magazines/booklets, plastic loyalty cards and presentation folders). External bleed is the area extending past the trim line, it allows for a small amount of movement that may occur when your order is being cut to size.

What is trim, bleed and the “safe text zone”? 
Trim is the border of your artwork specifying where it is to be cut. It defines the final size of the piece. “Trim” and “Crop” are interchangeable terms. Trim lines are represented by a vertical and horizontal hairlines marked on each corner of the page (see example below). In layout programs such as Adobe InDesign, when you export your artwork to PDF, a dialogue box asks if you want to include Crop and Bleed marks. Tick both of these then specify how much bleed, in this case 2mm.

Bleed is a printed area that extends beyond the trim. Allowing 2mm bleed guarantees that you won’t see a thin white line if the piece is cut a fraction to the left or right. It is basically and extra 2mm of artwork on all edges to safeguard against shifts when trimming. Layout programs give you the option to include Bleed Marks when exporting PDF’s so we ask that you include these, as well as Crop Marks.

The Safe Text Zone is a 2mm buffer zone within the trim line that ensures important text or graphics are not cut off when the document is trimmed down (see below). Our print registration and finishing equipment is extremely accurate however it is best practice to include 2mm bleed and 2mm safe text buffer.

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